Be Cool Going Back to School

It’s back-to-school time, and all the kids want to hit the halls with the latest and greatest in stylish essentials!  Guarantee your child’s hip status by picking up some of these goodies:

  • Dress up a locker with accessories from  With affordable pieces like wallpaper, chandeliers and clocks, a locker can go from basic to beautiful in minutes!
  • All of fall’s fashion trends can be found in your backpack choices.  Neon, studded, tribal prints and tie-dye can all be found on the shelves.
  • As far as fashion goes, girls’ styles include colored denim, dresses with leggings and detailed T-shirts.  Boys’ clothes should be rugged, tailored and comfortable, with hoodies, 5-pocket corduroys and long-sleeved button downs being popular styles.
  • According to Staples, matching folders, notebooks, pencil cases and more in a theme is a big trend this year.  New rubber-edged binders have also sold well due to their durability.
  • USB flash drives are now required for many students.  Dressed up in fun themes and characters such as Angry Birds make them more popular for students of all ages.

Robin Husney, Your Charlotte NC Real Estate Specialist

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