Get Your Home Ready for Sale

Key and House for SaleThe Charlotte housing market is changing, and the balance between buyers and sellers is evening out.  If you’re preparing to sell your home, there are a number of items that you should consider to help you get the best offer!

Do you have curb appeal?  Check out what your house looks like from the street because that’s going to be your first impression to potential buyers.  Are your lawn and shrubs nicely manicured?  Are the flowers around your house dead or adding a pop of color?  Are your front door and welcome mat inviting?  If any of these items seem to be in disrepair, it could turn potential buyers away as they may think items inside the house are in disrepair as well.

They say don’t fix what’s not broken.  By the same token, if it is broken, fix it!  Potential buyers will notice these things, even if they’re little items like blinds that don’t stay raised or a lock that doesn’t work.  And if small things aren’t working properly, it brings doubt into the minds of potential buyers about bigger things.

Does a hoarder live here?  Clutter can really get in the way of selling your home.  Even items you use every day or your sentimental items can hinder a buyer from seeing the home as his or her own.  Neatly tuck away anything you don’t use, personal photographs, knick knacks and the like to present as clean a slate as you can.

Speaking of clean… Make sure any minor flaws are fixed.  Get the carpet and grout throughout the house cleaned.  Get a fresh coat of neutral paint on the walls, especially if there are any stains or if your paint colors go with your furniture/decorations.  Clean out the fridge.  Organize closets and drawers.  Potential buyers are going to be looking in every nook and cranny of your home, so don’t let a messy “junk drawer” or overdue leftovers be what turns them away!  Plus, you never know when your house is going to show, so you’ll want to make sure your home is as close to spotless at all times!

Present the house the way you’ll sell it.  Remember that light fixtures, curtains, blinds, ceiling fans, etc that appear to be permanent fixtures in the house are sold with the house.  If there are any of those items that you want to take with you, replace them before putting your house on the market.  That one simple step could make or break a deal.

Find a seller’s agent.  Having a realtor on your side during the selling process is essential.  This person is going to help you disassociate yourself from your home to make the proper adjustments to get great offers.  An agent is going to help you weed through those offers and negotiate items, looking out for your best interest.

Robin Husney, Your Charlotte NC Real Estate Specialist

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