The Pros of an Open House

open house real estateWhen you’re selling your home, a key piece of the puzzle is getting eyes on your house.

The advent of the Internet changed a lot of how this is done, since photos and videos can now be shared on realtor websites, blogs, social media and other outlets.  But nothing will ever replace seeing the home in person for potential buyers.  Open houses offer the opportunity to show your home to several potential buyers in one afternoon.  This can be a benefit to you, as you’ll only need to leave your home once for these people to see your home as opposed to several times if each got a private showing.

Open houses also many times attract other real estate agents.  This is a benefit to you as, while that agent is listening to his/her clients and their wants and needs, he or she already has first-hand knowledge of your home.  As a result, the agent can cull out those that definitely wouldn’t be interested and bring only serious potential buyers for private showings.

Even non-buyers that attend your open house can provide valuable information, though.  Just like true potential buyers, they can offer reactions on everything from the price, to the layout, to the number of bathrooms, and about the features of the house that they like or don’t like.  This valuable feedback can help you and your realtor decide if you’re on the right path!

Robin Husney, Your Charlotte NC Real Estate Specialist

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One Response to The Pros of an Open House

  1. m.s.Woods says:

    I would also add that neighbors are some of the best sale people for the neighborhood. I have had homes sell here in Indianapolis due to referrals from a neighbor after an open house. The neighbor stopped by for fun but had a friend that was seriously looking… Now good friends are neighbors too!

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